Weirdest bug ever?

Okay, all, I have the guys at @OnefinityCNC working this from their end but I wanted to post this up to see if it can be replicated or if it is just a ghost in my machine?

When I make a 3/4" /0.75" pocket in Vcarve I get chatter as the outermost ring is cut.

Not speed related as I can slow down or speed up and still get it.
If I change the size or shape of the pocket the least bit it is curred. It is JUST 0.75" circles
I have the latest PP installed and it does it with both the mm and inch PP.

In the file,1227slow.ngc (693 Bytes) it is the last four G3 commands of the file.

Any thoughts or reports on your results much appreciated.

Mark - what size bit? Or does it not matter?

All my experments have been with saying 1/4 but this does this while air cutting!

Try it in metric. It worked for me.

I have tool pathed in mm, perhaps I should try working the whole file up in mm?

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Yes, work completely in metric.

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