What 1/8th inch endmill to use?

I’m mainly using the Amana Tool bits with no problems.

One thing I’ve run into recently though is that the 1/8th inch endmill (Amana Tool - 46225) only has 1/2 inch of cutting depth. Looking for suggestions to give at least 3/4 inch cutting depth.

Any suggestions on a bit with a 1/4 inch shaft (to avoid a collet adapter) but a longer cutting surface for the 1/8th inch endmill portion?

46125-K Solid Carbide Spektra™ Extreme Tool Life Coated Spiral Plunge 1/8 Dia x 13/16 x 1/4 Inch Shank Up-Cut


| — | — |
|(D) Diameter|1/8|
|(B) Cutting Height|13/16|
|(d) Shank|1/4|
|Overall Length (L)|2-1/2|

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I like this bit a lot! SPETool .125 bit 1" cut depth


I second the SpeTool bits I have several now. Only broke my 1/8 compression bit because of bad connection from controller to breakout board not turning the spindle on.

I love love love my Downtown Jenny (35803-01) from Cadence Manufacturing. Awesome bit and Cody gives great support!

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