Bit recommendation for going deep?

So looking for a 1/4 endmill bit that will reach at least 1.5 inches, i started making round boxes and the inside needs to be hollowed out to 1.5 so i picked up my cheap harbor freight bit and began the process, the good bits i have only have flutes to 1", well started cutting fine and then on 3rd pass started chattering, I believe the tool just doesnt hold it sharpness long enough and started getting hot, and then it snapped, ugh.
So now i found out that getting 1/4 shaft endmill bits that have flutes of 1.5 cutting depth are kinda rare, so now what?

Not really ready to upgrade to a 1/2 collet.

Try this bit from CNCbits

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Thanks for your response, so i checked them out but couldn’t find any information on what their bits are made from, so i text them and i guess I’ll hear from them soon. Ty

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So they responded and said all their bits are solid carbide, so i will be ordering one of these. I’ll let you know how it goes, ty.

Haven’t tried them, but this company has 1/4" carbide 2-flute endmills with 3"LOC. Might be good for light cuts when extra length is needed. Extra-Extra Long End Mills | Solid Micrograin Carbide End Mills (

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1/4" bit, 6" overall length, with any stress that’s gotta wander a little…ahah