Long Reach 1/4 Endmill Recommendations

Hey yall,

I’m in need of a bit that can reach down through 2" material. The material is White Ash.

Wondering if anyone has used 1/4" long reach endmills before and has some suggestions.


ALSO- would anyone mind sharing their feeds and speeds they use on a 3/4 bowl bit through hard wood? Carveco has it set as 40 ipm at .125 doc, but I feel it can go much faster.

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Plunge bits or slot bits are normally what I’ve seen the longer straight flute bits called. You may have luck searching for that nomenclature.


Any luck with your question? I actually have the same one except I’m cutting through 2" cedar

I literally just picked up my Journeyman a week ago… still getting table built… but this is the bit that I have in my amazon basket currently. Once I have been up and running it is on my list to purchase. I have a project in mind that involves some 4x4’s.

I’m not sure on the +200 ipm while going .25 down… but I am sure I’ll find out… eventually :slight_smile:

I have one of these:

I’ve used it on mahogany and maple, 100 ipm at 18000. Works fine.


I own this SPE bit, and I do find it a tad intimidating. I keep my cutting depths at around .125 and IPM at 100 or less. I do not get clean finished edges with it, but my goal for this bit is to make my cut, and be happy I have a piece I can clean up with sandpaper. Pay close attention to your work hold down, as it will put more pressure on your work piece. I sometimes start my toolpath and go hide behind the lawnmower until the path is complete :joy:


LOL… I can imagine myself doing that at the beginning too.

I have one of these.