Boring deep holes

Who makes a 1/4" bit long enough to bore 2" deep dog holes? Anybody have deflection issues at that depth?

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I can’t remember the brand or supplier of my extra long 1/4" upcut end mill, but I’ve made several 2" deep carves with no trouble. has extra long bits that I’m using without issue. See Extra Long CNC Bits | for their list.

Of course bitsbits has what I need, Should’ve started there. Thank you.

I purchased a number of end mills from Lakeshore Carbide Great prices and support. I use their aluminum end mills for both aluminum and wood. If you need more exotic tools, Harvey Tools has some great specialty tools and very small tools eg lollipop cutters and reverse chamfer mills so that you can complete a part from a single side (with appropriate work holding)…their smallest diameter end mill is 0.0015”/37 microns! (Some are great if you want to do some fine metal engraving/relief work in brass for instance)



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