What cable is required

What cable is best to use from my computer in house to 1if in shop? so that i may send tool paths ? I have a strong Wi-Fi but you never know when it could skip a beat. HDMI, USB, ETHERNET,… it seems looking at the back of my computer there is no ethernet jack. I have a bunch of usb and HDMI jacks .what jacks are on the back of the controller?. I just ordered today 12-26-2021…

Hey Les,

Ethernet CAT5 or higher would be the most reliable, if you are able to drag it to the workshop. But keep in mind that with factory settings of the Onefinity Controller, when using it remotely over the network, you can only use the controller’s application via a web page. You can upload a gcode file to the Controller through this web page by clicking the “Open files” button in the Auto Tab.

Advanced users who have Linux skills activate Samba or NFS inside the Raspbian-based Onefinity Controller and drop their files into the Controller this way remotely, but Onefinity Support could tell you that they don’t support this. They don’t support external WiFi dongles either, even if lots of advanced users use them and even buildbotics suggests it.

Yes, unfortunately, with the advent of computers that are thinner than 10 mm, computer manufacturers tend to simply omit Ethernet ports – as if they weren’t necessary. If your computer has no Ethernet port, you can buy a USB-to-Ethernet (USB 2.0) Adapter. I have a few of them, they work very well.

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So would it be best to just run a usb cable from my computer to the controller box? I have no idea what 10/100 lan port is ,I think a ethernet cable is a j45…

Hey Les,

This is not possible. Both are USB hosts. Onefinity Controller is a stand-alone Controller (a computer) and no USB device.



  • USB has a strict tree network topology and master/slave protocol for addressing peripheral devices; those devices cannot interact with one another except via the host, and two hosts cannot communicate over their USB ports directly. Some extension to this limitation is possible through USB On-The-Go in, Dual-Role-Devices[7] and Protocol Bridge.

– Source: USB - Wikipedia

10/100 LAN is Ethernet. Look at the video I linked above.

Text in blue can be clicked. Or tapped.

I think it is important to understand that wifi stability won’t impact a cut. Tool paths are uploaded to the Co troller and run from there after completed. There is no need for an active computer connection.


Yes, the Ethernet Cable is an RJ-45.

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Amazon Basics’ high quality cat6 cable is a reliable ethernet wire. The connector is RJ 45 with a 250 MHz bandwidth, which highlights its ability to transmit data without any buffers or delays. Plus, the RJ 45 connector is reinforced with gold that’s highly conducive to electrical impulses, further improving the data-carrying capacity of the cord.