WiFi connection process

Hoping someone can chime in and give a step by step procedure on how to connect controller to WiFi so we can view via laptop
Do we need initially to hard wire etc
Ty ahead of time

you need to connect the controller to either your wifi or plug in an ethernet cable to the controller first. if ethernet, just restart the controller after connecting, if wifi, go to general, networking, switch to client, put in your ssid, then password, hit ok, it will restart, and show the ip address at the top left.

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Yes sir that is what I did exactly I even received an IP address on top upon the restart however when I go to my tablet laptop or phone and type in that IP address it just keeps spinning and nothing comes up I never see the onefinity controller both the controller and my tablet are close to the Wi-Fi modem that’s why I’m asking do I initially need to hardwire

You could try hardwiring to troubleshoot.

Yes sir I’ve thrown away all my Ethernet wiring
But an order from Wal-Mart will be here Tuesday I’ll give an update
Ty for immediate response

We’re working on a video to show how to connect to wifi. Hopefully we’ll have it up in a week or two

Well here is the update
Ethernet cord arrived i hooked it up
Works immediately
However still does not with just WiFi

how far away is your router from your controller?

My wifi is 6 to 8 feet away

Hi just received my onefinity and I am noticing the exact same thing. I configure the wifi it connects and displays an IP and the correct SSID on the control screen but I can not reach it from any other computer on the same local network. But when I hardwire I can reach it through the browser GUI on my PC using the LAN IP. What’s odd is when I run a continuous ping on the controller’s wireless IP (in my instance it has a 16% loss (after running the ping for a few minutes)…I have just set it up and still troubleshooting but hope their is something I’m missing…It is located about 20’ from my modem/router and in an open room floor plan. No big walls or obstructions. My day job is a full time Network Engineer so I’m fairly confident I’m configuring it right.

I hardwired mine with an ethernet cord however there are USB dongles that will boost your Wi-Fi signal sense the Raspberry Pi encasing restricts the signal

You need to be within 10’ and clear line of site.

What needs to be within 10’ and clear line of site of what?

Your computer connects to your wireless router so that wouldn’t makes sense

So you must be talking about Onefinity?

In order for your one finity to operate via Wi-Fi it must be 10 ft or better from router and unobstructed that’s what that means
But using a dongle can help make the difference the reason why it is so restricted is cuz of the metal casing of the controller

All I did was connect an usb wiifi to the Onefinity and it worked along with the onboard wifi.

Tells me it is not just a hardware issue.

Before I connected up the USB wifi I noticed it had both the wifi and ethernet 169.254. x.x address. I’m wondering if you have a binding issue in the software with the web server and lan adapters.

I know mine used to work when it was further away and obstructed but started having problems after one of the updates.

our firmware does not talk to external usb wifi adapters.

Not sure what you mean or are trying to imply by that but the operating system obviously does work with USB wifi adapters.

The operating system is not written in a way to work with usb wifi adapters.

I’ll check further but from what I’m seeing you may want to check a little further.

I connected to the Onefinity on 2 different IP addresses at the same time.

Unless your onboard wireless adapter somehow connected/bound to 2 different IP address at the same time which is extremely unlikely. Especially since it coincidentally happened after I connected an external USB wifi adapter and the blue activity light on the usb wifi adapter was blinking.

I will verify with certainty.

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it will do that from time to time without any usb adapter plugged in.