Connecting to wifi

I am trying to connect the onefinity to my wifi network. I have not been able to do this even with a wifi booster. I contacted support and tried everything they suggested. They then said to connect the controller by an ethernet cable. I have done this and obtained an IP address. In order to connect the controller with an ethernet cable, I had to disconnect it from the onefinity.

So my question is when I reconnect to the onefinity do I have to do anything to connect to my wifi? What steps do I need to take?

Thanks for any help. I am getting a little frustrated with this wifi issue.

connecting it to your network via ethernet was to make sure it can connect to your network. Can you post a screen shot of your controller when it’s connected via the ethernet cord?

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Not sure how to do a screenshot so I can post it.

If it helps, I had a duh moment connecting mine. I was using network name - example 111. After a couple of fails I discovered there is no space between example and 111