IP SSID address

I’m following the steps to connect Wi-Fi but the IP address is not visible on the control screen. I have a flash drive, but I prefer to use WiFi if possible. What should I do different?

Hi, Liv. I had the same experience. Are you trying to connect via WiFi, or are you using a cable? The OneFinity has a problem with WiFi because the antenna is inside the metal controller box. I had my best luck running a cable from my router to the controller, but others have mounted a WiFi extender close to the controller, which provides a strong enough signal to make the connection.

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Hi Mike! Yes I was attempting Wi-Fi vs connecting with a cord. Thank you for sharing your experience. Although my router is only 10 ft away, I’ll consider an extender.

Howdy from New Mexico!

I bought this USB Wi-Fi adapter from Amazon, albeit a little cheaper then todays price, and it has worked flawless for me for the last year. My router is in the garage and my CNC is in the shop about 30 feet away past several walls. Still no issues. I am not a fan of extenders because it becomes a new IP address. (A mesh is better if you need more coverage, but that’s a different topic.)


If it’s only 10 feet away, I’d seriously consider just going with a cable. I had intermittent problems making WiFi work, but my connection with a 50-ft(!) cable has been rock solid. Plus. a lot cheaper! :slight_smile:

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Hey Michael, You have a point. Thank you!

I’ll see what that price is today and make a determination. Thank you bwcherry!

Hi, which USB port on your controller did you plug your wifi extender into?

Hi Dawayne,

I end up not requiring the usb port to connect to the internet. I was able to successfully connect to WiFi.

Are you experiencing a similar issue as mentioned in the previous post?


for some odd reason, my controller is not acquiring an IP address, but it identifies the wifi network. I’ve tried rebooting the controller several times to no avail. I even rebooted the wifi.

It has connected in the past but today it’s not.