What material has been your favorite so far?

Just trying to get an idea of what everyone’s favorite material is for:

Outdoor signs
Indoor wall decor
3D carves
General use and just for fun

I have been experimenting with treated 1x4 edge glued for outdoor signs with good results so far.

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Marble Coasters

Took hex marble tiles, carved design and a small recess, slapped a cork circle on the back.

They looked great, but the dust was killer on the X-Carve belts and wheels.

Looking forward to giving marble a go with the 1F. Lack of Flex in Z should make things go much quicker.

I like bamboo. It’s like hardwood, sharp edges, clean cuts.

I want to do more, but sourcing it is tricky; not all dimensions are available, as expensive as some hardwood.

I like the sustainability angle; interesting TED video proposing that we move to bamboo (grows in 5 years, massive CO2 absorption.

I’d be very concerned with the type of dust you would get from cutting marble. The belts & v-wheels of the x-carve may seem very forgiving compared to the havoc abrasive dust could raise on linear bearings & ball screws.

I found a great source for bamboo is Ikea cutting boards. Measure ~17x11 and are over a half inch thick. Cut off the bevel and you’ve got yourself some boards for boxes and signs. At around $12 a piece its not bad.

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I just bought a bunch of these small bamboo cutting boards from Dollar Tree. Not sure what I’m gonna make with em yet but I figure they’ll be good for some little knickknacky type projects.

Bamboo for carves, and use in everything, except food-contact items, I could support 100%. They are throw away items, and ultimately useless as cutting boards imo.

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