What temperatures can the Onefinity stand

What temperatures can the Onefinity stand? I’m in Ontario, Canada and my garage isn’t heated. Thanks


The controller is what I’d be concerned about, however heat is usually a more pressing problem then cold. There’s a computer inside.
Here’s a forum post about how temperatures affect it: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=228420


The screen will not handle what the controller might be able to. We do NOT suggest letting the screen or controller being in temperatures below 40F. Condensation can build inside and damage the electronics.

I live in Ottawa and am expecting my 1F in January. Is it only the controller and screen require the temps above 40F? Will the cold affect the rails as well?


The electronics are more sensitive. Rails should be ok.

Thanks for the quick response. Now to figure out a heat box to keep the controller and screen above freezing during the winter months.

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I’m also definitely interested to see and hear what people are doing to keep the the temps for devices in a normal range during the winter months.