Where are the washers?

So I have been putting my machine together today but I am very surprised at the lack of flat washers and lock washers?

Is there a reason for this? I was considering adding some when I do the x-axis upgrade.

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John - where do you want washers? You mean for the bolts attaching the axises?


Maybe this is a question for @OnefinityCNC

I worked for a industrial engineering and manufacturing place for a while and there were washers on everything and lock washers if it was moving.

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Bolts attaching the x-axis
Bolts attaching the z-axis
Lags attaching the y-axis

Washers under the bolts that attach the gantry to the Y rails would be a good idea, but I really wouldn’t recommend lock washers at this location. Great for holding bolts tight, but they will tear up the aluminum when removing.


I always used lock washers with a standard washer to prevent that damage. The lags already scratched the holes a bit on my machine. :expressionless:

Yeah, same here. Just noticed it tonight was moving things around. I think washers would be a good add (@OnefinityCNC).


Why not just use some blue Loctite thread locker instead of washers to provide resistance to loosening over time?

What would be the advantage of using loctite over lock washers? If you have to adjust a bolt you would have to reapply rather than just retighten.

Also loctite won’t prevent it from marring the anodized aluminum like a flat washer would.

Less likely to get anything chewed up by the lock washer as @Machinist noted.

Stacking a flat washer & lock washer means the bolt is less engaged with the receiving threads which weakens the attachment vs the as-designed depth which 1F spec’ed.

My original point was not that we should retrofit, it was that the bolts should be sized for and come with lock washer and flat washer. Obviously flat washers only for the lags that hold the machine down.

I do agree with your point thought that lock washers shouldn’t be used solely. One last thing, Vibra-Tite would likely be a better solution than Loctite as it would allow for removal and adjustment.

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Yeah I really was not a fan of those blue flat head screws it shipped with for mounting to the table. Absolutely terrible to get started, especially in MDF.

Yep. I still don’t understand why they shipped with those, they’re Tapcon screws made for anchoring into concrete. They’re great for that, but horrible for wood. Not enough bite.


Helical split lock washers are not effective at preventing bolt loosening.

There’s a full blown paper somewhere if you want to dig.

Rabbit hole! :laughing: Pretty fascinating.

@ConvenientWoodwork I enjoyed reading the information in the link you provided. Most products I have purchased over the years shipped without mounting fasteners. I prefer this as I usually choose my own anyway based on best practices for the materials I am mounting the product to. I imagine Onefinity supplying ‘something’ follows their goal of providing a quick ‘out of the box’ set up experience. I personally would not have chosen Tapcons, but perhaps they are working for some 1F owners.

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I agree completely. Fasteners should be specific to the substrate.

But when people mention lock washers it’s hard for me to stay off my soapbox :laughing:


@ConvenientWoodwork Well I stand corrected.

I still think there should be flat washers and something in lieu of the Tapcon but if anyone does use the the TapCon, a 10-32 washer helps keep them centered. I think Spax makes a wood lag that would work well with a washer. If I can find some the right length and diameter at my local orange and blue store, I will give them a shot and report back. I have unbolt and to take them damn thing apart again since it is still not square. :roll_eyes:


A flat washer would definitely help to distribute the force, as well as allow a little ‘wiggle’ room when fastening, assuming your fastener has a flat base.

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Haha, thanks John.

I used the appropriate length of a Kreg pocket hole screw to mount mine. The head is just about the perfect size and no washer required.