X axis is locked up?

First time running the machine for real, trying to flatten the wasteboard. The program was running, everything was great. Then randomly the x axis started jogging and not moving at all. So i stopped the program and started checking everything. No error code popped up and the y and z axis move perfectly fine. Now the x axis will move maybe a few millimeters up and down but it is definitely struggling and wont go any further. Also tried manually moving the x axis with machine turned off and no luck; seems as if the axis is physically locked up. Anybody have any experience with this issue? Or have any ideas on what to try? Also note, our machine is mounted on the wall so that may be causing a problem as well? Just strange that it was running great and then stopped.

My first guess would be a loose connection in the wiring. I had a similar issue and one of the pins in the connector that went into the controller had pushed back. After I pushed it back in all the way, it locked itself in and the problem went away. Stepper motors act weird with intermittent connections on one wire.

I just went through this with my new x-50. I would email support. They will send you a troubleshooting link. Mine ended up being that the nut on the end of the screw shaft was about 1/2 turn to tight. The washer behind it should just barely spin freely.