Where to find CNC Router/Milling Services?

Is there anywhere to offer CNC routing services to the general public?

I use to get jobs through 3DHubs (before being bought by Protolabs) and MakeXYZ (now only printing). I’ve tried searching for something, but not finding it. I can go through through Etsy and other sites to sell cookie cutter consumer goods. But I’m looking for somewhere that customers can submit customs jobs. Do I need to make my own website and do everything through Social Media posts now?

Or even a place that someone else with a CNC router could offer up work to sub it out until they get capacity.

Social media is probably your best bet, but I do know that Cam from the Youtube channel “Blacktail Studio” has a service called Makerbook. This is a service where you can rent out your shop or your time for people to use your tools.

I cannot speak about it personally but it seems like a good idea to register your shop for the possibility to grow your network or getting some extra cash. Your service follows whatever rules you have. This is just a place to post and connect with people interested

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I remember Cam mentioning this in one video, but forgot about it until now. Looks like it still being built up and fairly new, but good resource if there is something my small shed does not have.

I did just look at Fiverr also, but seems like a hard place to break into.