White Oak recommendation

I’m planning to use white oak for a small outdoor sign, but I’ve never worked with it before. I’ve heard that it can be harder on your blades than other hardwoods I’ll mostly be using 60 or 90 degree V-bits, but may also use a 1/4 in. bit for profile cuts. Does anyone have experience with it who can offer advice on feeds and speeds?

Hi Matt - I don’t think I’ve used white oak before (definitely red oak), but I imagine the same feeds/speeds for most hard woods will work. I don’t modify my settings based on wood species, whether it’s Walnut (Janka 1080) or Brazilian Cherry (Janka 2820). The definitely sounds different when cutting, but seems to cut about the same. I think @EdwoodCrafting is adding a power factor to our app that compensates for hardness, but I think that is more fine tuning/optimizing more than anything.


Ok, thanks. That is good to know.

Hi Tom
Please can you point me in the right direction for the CNC Explorer App. I have checked EdwoodCrafting site and it says sold out for the App. Is it still being developed? Know when it will be released?

Hi Lee - the app is still in development, but the URL is: https://www.cncexplorer.com - you can get access to the demo app there.