Wooden display stand

Hello Everyone,

I’m thinking of making some wooden display stands out of plywood. These will be used to display some drinks bottles.

Can anyone give me ideas on the best type and thickness of material? Also would these be best glued or screwed together?

Thanks in advance : )

Glue (reduces signs of consruction unless you use brass and cup screws as a feature). Screws if you need to flat pack them for transport and re-use.

You may get more responses on material if you share your design concept as size, construction and shape will be a factor.

By way of scaling i used 9mm plywood for creating a carry box and associated stuff for a bean to cup coffee machine. The joints were rebated or finger jointed and glued as the material woulf be too light to take screws. I also used pop rivets to attached clios and handles in order to achieve the asthestics of a flight case.


You have more info on your verticle clamping system on the forum? Or care to share more details?

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It is nothing special. I think the expressions is “Heath Robinson”.

When i get home next I will take a few pictures and post on a separate thread.