Birds Eye Joint

Created a Birds Eye Joint using VCarve.
For those who want to play, have attached the file.

Birds Eye Final.crv (2.2 MB)


These are inspiring. Do you make your own design/dimensions and tweak them for fit? Also, you forgot the 3rd photo of it together! :grin:

Thanks for sharing! It’s exactly what I’m working on!

For an interesting read on the Knapp Joint…
if the link does not work, google Knapp Joint Lumberjocks

Yes, tweak, tweak, tweak, three cups of coffee, 20 hours later!
Next, can the size be changed? Maybe some Wizards can suggest?

At 71, and youngest of 33 cousins, I’m getting requests for cremation boxes!

I’m by no means a cnc expert, but I suggest to new creators to consider some sort of vertical holding mount on the table. It opens up a lot of possibilities.


Very nice, and thanks for sharing the vectors! I’ve always liked these types of joinery and have plans to eventually try my own.

I am curious, how did you manage the vertical mounting of your stock?

Vertical Clamping Box- somewhere on the forum are photos of early construction.

I have to confess to building my table before knowing of the forum. I believe the idea of a clamping box stems from the old Leigh R9 Dovetail jig that used linear holes to place clamps.

I simply placed a three sided box (squared up) under the table…on the back side of the box a series of clamping holes. I won’t hesitate to add a hole if needed for special projects.

Any additional support above the table just depends if a backer board is need for dovetails, etc. The one support board in the photo clamped across the table I call a ‘Height Board” If a series of cuts are needed, each board is clamped to match its top so the touch probe is not needed after the first cut.

The whole build was just what I knew at the time….the forum has some good ideas. This is simple for me, and luckily it works well!