Would you buy 1F again

I’ve just set up my new Elite WW to run alongside my 2 year old X50 WW. I’ve been completely satisfied with OneFinity since the start, both in it’s build, controller, and support. The Masso and closed loop steppers are a huge improvement, and I’m getting a great comparison running identical carves on both machines.

I’m no engineer, and I know nothing about electronics or programming. I’d still be building houses and making cabinets if I hadn’t effectively crippled my hands over the years. I needed a CNC machine that a woodworker could understand and operate, that was dependable and gave me clean, high quality results. OneFinity has exceeded those expectations and completely impressed me. Their customer support, and the experts who graciously offer their expertise on this forum, have helped me improve my efficiency and solved every issue I’ve encountered.

I don’t feel I could have made a better choice.

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Thank you! I have a pretty good handle of what I want to do with the CNC I want to do it now but my current CNC is too small. I am wanting to do a small side hustle and projects for friends and family. I travel weekly for my job, a job I do enjoy, and woodworking and CNC is a great distraction. There are time I bring my laptop and work on projects while in the hotel. lol

Thank you for your input!


Hello Jay,

Thanks! Some good points I’ll compare the Elite. I think the 4th Axis is cool but I’m not 100% sure if I would use it, but now thanks to you I guess I’ll look into it lol

Have a good day

Thank you Justin…. Do you think the Elite is worth considering the cost difference?

Hey Kevin,

I did not mean what you intend to do with the machine, but what the machine suddenly surprisingly intends you to do, thereby preventing that you work with the machine, but stealing your time (and enriching your (possibly unwanted) experiences :slight_smile:)

As an example, the stall homing method that the machine offers is considered by many users as not repeatable with sufficient precision so they are required to use a method with the Touch probe and a clamped block instead of it. It is however possible to retrofit inductive proximity sensors as limit switches, the Onefinity CNC supports it, but you would need some 3D-printed parts to attach them to the machine.

Or, if one day you find that your Z-axis moves up and down as it pleases and ruins your workpiece and your wasteboard (the Z plunge issue), you might find that it’s because the curly Z cable is, unlike real drag chain cables, no cable made for permanent motion in a CNC machine and one day starts with internal cable breaks exactly where a strain relief is missing, or you find the second cause, the susceptibility to EMI, because none of the stepper cables are shielded and the router as well the upgrade to a spindle and VFD are a heavy source for EMI, or you find the third possible cause, that connectors can make problems (see also here), which may be caused by the fact that you did not yet retrofit strain relief to your machine, which the machines unfortunately lack. In this case you may want to procure what is needed to make new cables yourself. The same applies if you want custom length cables which would be the case if you want to mount the controller further away, if you suddenly find out that the way you wanted to position machine and controller is impossible with the stock cables. Or better start with drag width chain computation while you’re at it in the first place. Okay, on the Elite, they finally have drag chains. But what if it suddenly does this? Also even if Elite has a spindle option now, the drag chain is only 30 mm wide, so no chance for a water-cooled spindle. They sell additional clamps for the coolant hoses because the drag chain is too small.

So what I meant is, you can find such things out before buying only by taking time to dive into the forum and reading the experiences others had and reported. Otherwise it may be that you must repeat every problem and every issue yourself (which I do not recommend).

See also Problems with Onefinity stock cabling and Homing ≠ Zeroing

Hey Kevin,

also have you already found this thread?

Anyway, welcome to the forum!

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Issues 1F related, there was freight damage when I received the machine, (several folks had this) , had to replace a motor, I had to add a resistor to this new motor, took a little to figure it out, same thing there were a few folks having this issue depending on what motors were supplied, not sure if this was 1F or Masso. Had small issue with thumb drive not being recognized, same thing again, several folks have this, I believe it is ongoing and Masso working on it. I plugged the drive into the internal port and use Masso Link to load all my files, much easier anyway for me, I am new to the Masso control and have stumbled on several issues that were my doing because I was not used to how the control worked, I have been using Mach 3 for 20 years and was pretty comfortable with it and using it in a non automated way, very basic.
I was looking at a Masso control for a lathe I made and after using the 1F with Masso I purchased the control direct from Masso and converted my lathe with it.
As far as 1F and this forum you can’t beat it.
I would not do anything different than I have.
Sorry for the rambling on .


Not for a first machine, especially for hobby/side hustle needs. The original X50 WW will do more than you’ll ever need. It excels at V carving for signage and inlays, pocket carving for bowl and tray making, and surfacing for cutting boards and such. It does do outstanding relief carving, as I’ve been doing for a year or so, now, but the Elite gives faster and higher quality results. Unless you need to process large sheet goods, or make 4’ signs, the Woodworker model will be plenty big. You can tile longer projects, if needed.

I’m trying to support myself with my product ideas, and realized that one machine wouldn’t be able to put out enough production to pay the bills. I researched using manufacturing-level dual head machinery, but the cost and size requirements don’t make sense at this initial stage. The Elite WW was the logical choice for me. I’m using a spindle for the first time, but the Makita on the older machine is still going strong.

Gotchya! Thank you!! I appreciate the links!

Thank you! I think the WW size is good for me now, and I like I can upgrade in the future without having to plunk down for a whole machine when I want to expand.

“…how was your support?”
I never had to “push the red button” for support, but I have no reservations about doing so if needed. Based on what I’ve seen from others, I believe the support is top-notch.

“would you recommend the stiffy add on?”
Without question, and I think it should be included as a standard feature. If you’re just using a Makita router, you might be okay without it, but after upgrading to an 80mm spindle, I now understand why the extra “stiffness” would be necessary. Plus, more stiffness usually translates to better performance, right :slight_smile:

“Are you still happy with your purchase?”
Absolutely, I am. Given the context of the title of this post, I would certainly purchase the product again. While it’s worth noting that there have been other machines that have emerged, some of which were developed in response to the 1F, and they might now be competitive, for the most part, IMO there still isn’t another product in this price and size category that offers such a robust, straightforward design, and the features it provides.

“Do you have confidence it will do what you want it to do?”
Yes, I do, at least so far.

“Any suggestions to make that transition ‘easier’?”
I started with UGS and a 3020 laptop machine as well. I still have it, but haven’t fired it up in quite a while. Although UGS has more features, the 1F interface is much easier to use, so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming, and I found it pretty straightforward.


Lots of great answers here but I’ll add my 2 cents. I own both a Shapeoko 3 and an X-50 Woodworker. I do light production work starting with the Shapeoko and moving into the Onefinity, and I wish the Onefinity existed back when I originally got my Shapeoko. The ballscrews make all the difference. I’ve cut my production cuts from 55 minutes down to below 20 and that includes a manual tool change.

Being able to run industry standard feeds and speeds without bogging down the machine or skipping steps / slipping belts is a dream.

I do CNC work for fun, and generally don’t calculate return on investment, but I’m sure I have if that’s something you’re worried about.

I love the design behind the machine as well. It’s so well designed, logically designed, that doing maintenance is a breeze. I think I could strip the thing and have it back together in no time now.

I originally just bought the machine but I think I’m going to invest in some other accessories like the QCW in the future, something I very much don’t need, but like supporting the company. That’s how much I’m impressed by the machine.

I’ve never needed support, luckily, but I have sent the team a few emails about purchasing and they seem to answer by the time I hit ‘send’. I think they have a time machine or something. Tremendous customer service, after market service, and from what I see on this forum, after support service as well.


Thank you Forrest! I appreciate your input.

Thank you NewsVan! I am getting a good vibe about the 1F. The 30x30 is a big thing. Last night at a CNC group I looked at 24x36 and I don’t think I will be happy with the 24 portion. 1F seems to be ticking a ton my needs off


I have had an x35 with stiffy since it came out or a little after and upgraded to a journeyman and then a z20. I am extremely happy with it overall. My gripes are very few and generally very minor (id rather have mechanical limit switches and ability to use macros and adjust feeds and speeds on the fly). If I were starting from zero i would buy the Elite. However, I do not think the elite solving those minor quibbles is worth the upgrade cost to me personally, and the base machines are very good values. I guess I could add mechanical limit switches as is, it just isnt that important for the level of precision the work i do requires.

Hello Echd,

I have mechanical limit on my machine now, and half time does work when homing, but I think that is the design that is causing that. One person who wrote said the tolerance is is pretty tight which is something I am looking for as I am beginning to do inlays. My current machine is having issues flexing when using a tapered ball nose with hardwoods. It flexes too much even after talking with the maker still can’t get good cuts.

Thanks for your time!

That is unfortunate. I often build jigs for my more frequently requested pieces (normally just a piece of ply or mdf with the cutout of the workpiece in it) and the repeatability is easily good enough to return to the same workpiece to correct things like a botched vcarve inlay.

As stated, my gripes are minor and for the weekend warrior or hobbyist I think the onefinity is the best thing running. Perhaps one day ill buy an elite and sell my x50, but it is a machine that easily meets my needs so it isnt really worth the change.


I’ve had my Onefinity almost 2 years now, no problems. I have the original Woodworker with the Stiffy. I would definitely buy again. As for software, I use Carveco. I can do everything i need to do at a third of the price.

i know you probably have enough reassurance that this machine is a beast and solid, but i’ll put my 2c here incase you need more affirmation.

  1. i have had a couple issues that needed contact with support. one was in shipping which they took care of immediately, and they have redesigned their shipping boxes to fix any of those issues, the other stuff required some back and forth just so they could be sure what they were going to do was the right fix. best customer support i have dealt with in a long time.

  2. i can’t really say one way or the other as i am still running the trim router, but do plan on purchasing a spindle this coming year and glad i have it.

  3. i love mine - couldn’t be happier - well if i wouldn’t break any bits from my own ignorance, that would make me happier.

  4. and more - i don’t think there is anything this wouldn’t do that i need/want it for.

  5. i use Fusion 360 only so can’t help you there.

you won’t regret the purchase - solid machine, good people and endless making.



Thank you Tro….Carvco has some really nice features but I am Vested with Vectric financially and experience.