X35 Rolling Stand Feet

I have a X35 attached to the rolling folding stand, it is set up in my garage which has a slope. I made some adjustable feet for it last year so I can get it level for epoxy pour projects, and it works well. I now have a need to be able to move the CNC over a few inches so I can put a vehicle in the garage at times. I am looking at replacing my DIY feet with leveling feet like this levelling castors. Does anyone know if the bottom surface of the rolling stand has any holes or mounds to accept a castor? I know I can fold it up and look, but I would have to move and disconnect a bunch of wires, so thought I would post first.

Hi Bern, My

rolling folding stand has leveling feet on each leg. I think they may be a 3/8 - 16. Here are some pictures.

Mine definitely did not ship with those. Is your for the X35/X50 or the Journeyman? Thanks for the reply and detailed pix!

I have a Journeyman. Just got it last month and really like it. They must have made some changes to the folding rolling stand since you got yours.