X50 and X35 Ball Nut Gantry Block Position

New users to the X-50 rails may be alarmed about a ‘missing piece’ on the gantry block. Upon further review, you’ll notice that this is by design.
Since we’ve given the option from the original 1610 ballscrew and the upgraded 1616 ballscrew, we’ve made it so that the X-50 gantry block is premachined for both. This allows us to cut down on the number of different pieces we need to have on hand.
The 1610 attaches on one side, and the 1616 attaches on the other.

See below for examples:

X-50 1616 Ball screw:

X-50 1610 Ball screw mount is empty on the same rail as above:

Rest assured, there is no missing piece on the X-50 rail.

Here’s an example of the X-35 rails:

Notice there’s only one ball nut on the gantry block.

We hope this clears up any confusion this could cause.

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