Z-Axis Erratic - Solved: Inverted XYZ wire

Here is an exchange I had with Onefinity Tech Support who were very quick to respond and address the issue. I share this as others may be having the same issue due to an inverted XYZ Touch Probe wire.

I have an Elite Foreman. I’m having a problem getting my Z-axis to carve at the correct height. This is particularly when I have a bit change.

I have the Easy-Z tool setter but have now disabled it.

Here is my process:

  1. Turn the machine on

Cut down for brevity

7.If the Masso believes there is a different bit in the collet from last carve, it asks me to verify I’ve set the bit up correctly. I push the RUN indicator (green on the screen)
a. This is where the machine now seems to reset Z.

  1. To recover and continue I execute steps 3-7 above and now the machine carves at the correct depth.

I’d appreciate any help.

Onefinity Tech Support: The issue you’re describing is something we’ve recently discovered. We’ll need to send a new wire for your XYZ touch probe to correct a grounding issue. Can you please confirm your order number and shipping info for me?

Will this also fix the issue with the Easy-Z tool setter? It seems to also have an erratic behavior.

Onefinity Tech Support: Yes, it should. They share a common ground, and your probe wire is backwards, so it should fix both.

I’ll be getting my corrected wire in a few days. Hope this helps others who may be scratching their heads a bit.


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