Z axis grinding and will go both directions when pressing Z+ button (solved, wire issue, see faq)

All of a sudden at the start or in the middle of a job, the machine will not go down on z and stay on the same pass. it makes a low grind noise and continues.
The other is when pressing the Z+ button< the machine will randomly go up or down.

Already upgraded to 1.0.7 and the issue was occurring prior to the upgrade

hopefully someone has an idea of what is causing it.

Hello @BTAPIA1 - generally truly “random” things with CNC machines are mechanical in nature. Check your wiring and connections.

Does the machine do ‘random’ things when you are moving it manually? Or only during a cut?


Thanks for the response! It does it both manually and cutting . Wires are all connected that I can see.

Same thing is happening to me. Do you happen to recall what was the issue?

I came here looking for a solution too.
I’ve had this problem before where the z axis just turns around 180 degrees and jogs the opposite direction. The first time it started doing this was when a magnet from my dust collector came loose and attached itself to one of the shafts. This blocked upward travel after a certain point and the z axis would go crazy. So mechanical in nature.

This has started to happen again. The shafts and ball screw are all clear - no obstructions. My only guess is wiring. All this right after I did routine maintenance (per Onefinity’s youtube instructions).
Something must have come loose. Luckily I only lost a bit and have a massive gash in my spoilboard and a ruined bit of walnut - could have been worse…

100% a wire issue as stated in this troubleshooting faq:

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Thank you for pointing me here, I appreciate the help.

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