Z Axis no capability, no re

The Z axies when start work, i click a bottom on the screen z+, when i did 2 times z, sometimes go opositive, the other situation when i used the control joy is make the same, my instruction on joy go up and then is gonna down , When i put a run a G code, sometimes touch the material or too much deep, my z is no repeat, no repeat, just one time Z working was capacity. i feel stress because i cant to do nothing, in my opinion is something the encoder work on top in Z,
Could you help me ? someone was the same issues, whats the problem and how can solution ?

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Hey Cesar,

in its stock configuration, the Onefinity Standard Series with their connectors with missing serious cable management and even strain relief and the unshielded stepper cables may have unexpected position change issues during operation due to connector problems, or due to introduced EMI. See search results for plunge workpiece for examples.



for details on the possible causes of such issues.

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Thanks a lot!! I got it