Z axis mount bolt hole spacings?

anyone know the spacing on the a z axis mount bolt holes.
crappy pic but this is what im looking for

I’m looking for the same info. My plan is to have a custom made mount for a Bosch 1618 EVS motor. (Assuming the Z axis and the Nema motor can handle it)

I’m also trying to make a custom mount or see if a 3rd party mount fits on the stock spacing. i emailed @OnefinityCNC about it but they never replied, they’re probably busy but who knows.

Is this the info your looking for?


these measurements are through the center of the bolt heads?

Yes they are, as close as I could get them.

thanks, its helpful. going to either buy a different z slider or make one.

Actually I’m looking for the spacing of the 4 bolts holding the motor Mount.