Spindle Upgrade - Z-Axis Stepper Mount issue

Happy Thanksgiving! Have any of you who have installed a Spindle found a way to deal with the Z-Axis stepper mount obstructing the Spindle’s vertical positioning within the spindle mount? The back of the Spindle cannot clear the Stepper Mount because the Spindle Mounting clamp is too close to the slide posts. I was thinking of maybe a “shaft extender”, additional coupling, and 2 new mounting block spacers? Or I may just mill some Aluminum Spacers and just raise the entire machine 2" off the table. Any thoughts, opinions, or experience would be most appreciated.

Hey Carmen,

do you have the original spindle mount? With the original 65 mm mount, the spindle will not clear the stepper so you have limitations on spindle length and/or spindle position in the mount. With the optional 80 mm spindle mount, the spindle clears the stepper so you don’t have this limitation.

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I am using the original 65mm mount. I do have a 2nd Spindle kit with an 85mm Spindle, but was trying to save it for another project. Would be nice to see a redesign of the 65mm mount so that the spindle would clear the stepper though.

Hey Carmen,

You might as well wait for Christmas and Easter to be the same day. Onefinity stated clearly that they don’t support anything other than the trim router.

I think the community was very happy that they responded to the demand for a 80 mm spindle mount.