My fix for 65mm spindle clearance

Here are a few photos. Chuck and mount is at same height setting as Makita. I raised the z stepper 3 inches. Could have done less, but at least there is adjustment both ways this way.
Have enough parts minus m5x90 bolts for another job. PM me if interested or for more pics



Hey Derek,

that’s really great how you solved the problem that with 65 mm mount, the milling motor does not clear the stepper, a solution similar to the taller stepper mounting blocks shown in this 3D-files package (see pic 2). It’s very nice to see you putting this basically obvious idea into practice! In this way, you benefit from a center of the milling motor that is as close as possible to the Z-rails/linear bearings. Where did you find the aluminium parts?

I notice that you also found a solution for the known cable connector issues: Hot-melt glue :slight_smile: !

All parts sourced from amazon. Just looked up NEMA 23 mount for aluminum blocks.
Coupler is a 8mmx8mm. And a 8mm shaft.


Many Thanks to Derek!
He replied with photos and ideas to quickly solve my 65mm spindle range issue.

**I added a 6.35mmx6.35mm collet and 50mm spacer and 60mm unthreaded part of a 4 inch bolt to solve full travel.
Thanks again Derek

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Mr. Derek,
Wondering if you would be willing so to speak put together instructions for dummies…yellow covered edition… I believe this is what I need however how to install is where help is needed, ty ahead of time

What questions do you have? you have seen my posts with pictures? The only mod on machine is clearanceing the pad where servo is currently setting.

I need to ask John Thompson if he wouldn’t mind giving instructions on installation