80mm spindle mount announcement

I know that 1F usually says to just email them with changes (like when the larger monitor came out) you would like to make to your order. But with several new items coming out is it better to wait until everything Team 1F is going to surprise us with or to get in line now to avoid delaying shipment. My 1F was suppose to ship the first week of July but with them already being up to two weeks behind I kind of want to not delay it.

My order was supposed to ship week of May 16th I am kind of thinking of waiting till new toys are announced or at least let us know we will not be hurt financially by taking order now. Just wish I could make an informed decision.

To order please go to:



I apologize if I seem ignorant to all of this, but I am new to the CNC world and my unit will not ship until August 21 some time. Will the 80MM spindle allow me to use a different, possible variable speed router? If yes, any suggestions?


I am sorry I missed this or you worked some magic,either way I really appreciate this information and the cost is very fair. I really do like this company . I am soo pleased I chose onefinity. Are there any other announcements that I missed😇

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Hey Dave, I figured a bunch of folks may have missed it, so your probably not alone.

As for what’s next… I think I’ll let some suspense build but there is more goodies coming. :metal: :+1: :stuck_out_tongue:



The 80mm mount will allow an 80mm spindle to be used. An 80mm spindle will accept 1/2" shanked router bits. The 65 mm mount accomodates the makita router or a 65 mm spindle, the maximum router bit shank for them is 1/4" . Should be lots of info on here about the difference between a spindle & a router.

Since your new to the CNC world, I would suggest starting with the 65mm mount and the Makita router & learn the machine. A spindle throws a whole new world of complication into it. It needs to be wired up properly, matched with a VFD and programmed—save that for your next level up in the CNC world.

You may never require an 80mm spindle or for that matter a 65mm spindle, all depends on how you use your CNC.


Although I have no immediate plans to buy the 80mm mount, I found the installation video intriguing. :heart_eyes:

Effectively it’s a glimpse into how our machine is assembled: the bearings, the ball screw, the coupler without having to disassemble one!

Will the 80mm fit the larger Dewalt router or the Bosch?

Will the dust boot still work for rhe new 80 mm option or will it require a spacer to accommodate the increased offset from the z slider?

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Good question for @OnefinityCNC

Thank you for your input! Truly appreciated.

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I replied to my order confirmation asking to add this. Then I ordered a 2.2 220 spindle and stuff yo make a close loop cooling system. This is exciting

Two questions for @OnefinityCNC :

  1. Currently, my 65mm spindle won’t clear the Z stepper motor. Will the 80mm spindle be able to clear the Z stepper in this new mount? That would be a major reason for me to upgrade to the new mount. :smiley:

  2. Do my eyes deceive me, or does this product picture give us a sneak peek into beefed up X rails to get rid of the Stiffy?


What is 1f doing with the suckit arms for the 80mm mount?

It wouldn’t be too hard to raise the stepper motor up for more clearance. A simple shaft extension and standoff bolts would do it.

Why isn’t ONEInfinity continuing to take orders for the 80mm Spindle Mount. I would like to get on the back order list and start the clock, rather than having to keep checking for when they are back in stock.

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They haven’t started taking orders yet. Per the website it will go live on June 10th

I think you will be fine! Hang in there.

I noticed that, too. They look like they’re 45mm or 46mm shafts instead of the 35mm that’s currently there.