Z Axis show "NO FIT" when homing

Started up the machine today, When I homed the machine the Z axis showed “NO FIT”, it didn’t effect anything. I was able to set the Z height. After it started cutting I noticed that it went back to “OVER” . The only thing that I changed was updated Vcarve Pro. Any thoughts?


Ignore toolpath status until you zero xy and z.

Thanks, I zeroed the X Y Z and it still stayed there. It did it first thing this morning and then about 2 minutes into the cut it went away on it’s own. An hour later I had another project to do and everything was working normal again. I will try this afternoon and see if it there again. I doesn’t effect any of the cuts, I was just curious if anyone else has seen that message?

I am having “almost” the same issue and then when over over the “No Fit” issue the following statement shows:
“Tool path info X axis
Warning: The current tool path dimensions (816.656 mm) exceed axis dimensions (816 mm) by 0.656 mm.” I am able to do small projects-no problem as long as I home it on a different spot other than lower left, I started getting this message when trying to cut my spoilboard 32.125 x 32.125"
Any Help will be appreciated, Thank you in advance.

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Try reducing your file size to cut 32” rather than 32.125. If you are using a surfacing bit, it still should flatten the whole surface.

Thank you Jonathan I will try that, will keep you posted.

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Mine keeps showing up now and again but only on the Z axis, it doesn’t cause any issues with cutting and will usually go away once I start cutting. odd. I never changed any of the setting to get it to disappear. I machined for about 5 hours yesterday and it didn’t show up once.

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yeah just started happening and i have no idea why uhg but mines happening when I load a file where I saved the tool paths to one file. i machine was already homed and ready to go.

i think ive stumped them. they say what im doing isnt possible lol support wont even answer me in my emails lol

First, let me state that our official support hours are Monday-Friday, 9-3 Central.

Obviously, since you were receiving support last night, on a Sunday, we try to help out after hours as well, but any support out of our official hours is a bonus. Why didn’t you get more responses back? We were all asleep :yum:

So, one of our support techs was helping you at 12:28 am, midnight, well outside of business hours.

The tech was correct, different tools must be separated into separate toolpaths. There is not an answer other than this, as it’s the only correct answer.

Some background as to why you need to separate them and you’re seeing no fit. For each ‘tool’ the controller calculates height.

Here’s an example:

Lets say the total height the z can move is 4".

Tool 1 uses 1" of height.

Tool 2 uses 2" of height

Tool 3 uses 1.5" of height.

Total heigh of all tools is 4.5"

4 - 4.5 = -.5

The controller thinks the toolpath will not fit as it would be .5 too large to run.

Why do some of your multitool files work? Because they stay within that certain heigh the Z calculates. Some wont as they will calculate too large. You don’t know until you load them, which is why, again, the answer is to save each tool as a separate file.

For this reason, each tool must be their own toolpaths.

There has been much talk about this on the forum, which is why you were directed to it, as there’s a ton of info there that one email from us wouldn’t cover (and other great information for a new user, 99% of answers to questions you may have are already answered and discussed at length on the forum). We’re not ‘passing the buck’, were just not reinventing the wheel.

Here’s some posts that talk about multitools, no fit, and the answer of saving as separate toolpaths.



:smiley: Well, if that just doesn’t prove that no good deed goes unpunished. Just opens you up to unreasonable expectations from customers. :wink:

Very nice explanation about the multi-Z height toolpath impact.

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i still dont get it still unable to run machine