It says "No fit", on my monitor screen then

i read the forums no fit subjects but ignoring it and carving on did not work when i did that i carved a while then it stopped carving and gave me this message: x axis position -0.71508mm is less than minimum soft limit0mm while executing g code block: g1 x1.7152 y0.2113 z0.0365 at, / upload/array text toolpath2.ngc:5490 caused by x axis position -071508mmis less than minimum soft limit0mm. What the heck does all that mean? anyone? i had to stop the carve and lift the z axis so that it would not burn up the wood or the bit.

What are your current procedures for homing and zeroing?

It looks like your machine’s zero position for X (toolpath X0) is set to about 2.43mm less than the machine’s home position for X (soft X0). This is unusual.

soft limit = software limit

When the machine is homed, it creates a “safe” travel area based on your configuration. This is the reason that once homed, you can drive the gantry anywhere on the table without banging into the sides or feet of the machine. These values are stored by the software to prevent you from damaging the machine and/or ruining your work.

Some visual examples for reference…

Goodtoolpath never leaves the safe area

Badtoolpath does not “fit” into the safe area


ok i have fixed the x and y but it stil says my z is set at 8.925 whichof course is way more than what z should be but i homed the z and then probe zeroed the z and it still says no fit on the z axis

Have more than one tool in your toolpath? If so, separate each tool into it’s own file.
Also, check your retract/safe height.

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thanks, oh and i discovered why it kept telling me to change the tool and re zeroing every time it got to a new feature/ toolpath when I thought it was the same tool. It was the same tool, but I had clicked select tool from two different manufacturers on my drop-down list never thinking that they had different numbers for the same style and exact same dimensions, so that was a lesson learned.