Zero to CrossHair

I see the XYZ, and the Z zero buttons (& like both). Is there a way to set XY based on a laser crosshair (Example of what I am wanting here: CNC Router Cross Hair Laser Install - YouTube)

I suppose I could change the G-Code for XYZ, but would like to use that on occasion as well.

Previously cut Hex tile and like to zero to the center of object. Never cared to just eyeball the center of bit.

Would like a third, programable button.


Any suggestions on how to add this option?

Does it need to be an offset? You could do something like this.

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I like
Is there a way to adjust? To get it balls on…
Adding set screws to tilt, and hold the lasers, maybe?


I am not sure. I haven’t built one yet. I would imagine so though.

When I had my X-Carve, I mounted a short picatinny rail to the spindle holder & used a cheap laser sight on it. Then measured the X-Y offset from the laser dot to the center of the spindle. Worked reasonably well, but honestly it was less trouble for me to zero directly off a small V bit in the spindle. Might be difficult to see in this pic, but it’s there.

Correct me if I am wrong !
Yesterday I did a couple of keyholes that I wanted machine to zero on the keyhole spot. In MIDI settings I typed G0 X6.5 Y15 and hit go. Machine moved to that spot.

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Then zeroed Z height there with probe or paper.

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Trying to get this request back on track.

I am asking for a button to be added to the main console screen.

This is a software request. Not asking for how to perform the function manually. Manual is prone to errors, IMO. I’m thumb fingered that way.

Also not asking for how to mount the crosshairs. (though TheyCallMeJohn did have a possible solution that will work from the main control screen. Hey IF, if you make them them, I will come…)

Because the offset does not change when Zeroing with offset crosshairs I ‘can’ create a small G-Code and run each time I start a job. Did this with my X-Carve. A bit of a hastle pulling it up to run each time, though. Looking for a better option.

Because IF does not run from a laptop (Yay!) better to me is to have a macro button, or another Zeroing button, available from the main screen.

Is there any way to add this functionality to the Control Screen?

I saw another post by @CaveKing (link below) about Buildbotics adding macros to their software which Onefinity is based off of so hopefully it is something @onefinitycnc could add in an update in the near future.

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I am struggling to understand what you are asking for. It sounds like you would like to add a Crosshair laser to the gantry and then have a button that would set the X & Y to zero when pressed. I am assuming that you would manually jog the gantry to the desired location and once satisfied with the position of the crosshair you would press the button to set the X&Y to zero.

Is this a correct assumption?

If so why not use the existing Zero buttons on the control screen. If my assumption is correct I would think what you are looking for is already in place.

control screenCapture

My apologies if I am misunderstanding the request.

Well, no.

Yes, you would position the crosshairs over the desired location.

However, the crosshairs are offset to the router tip. Setting location to zero, as you describe, sets zero to the location of the router tip, not zero to the crosshairs.

(Disregard @TheyCallMeJohn pic as this is not a typical installation. It’s a good one though, and worth discussing in its own thread. I’m wanting one for the IF if one is ever sold for it.)

If the crosshairs were offset Y-1.158”, X-0.503” to the router tip, then the macro would move the router, relative to its current position, Y-1.158”, X-0.503”, then set THAT position to zero.

This vid does a good job explaining things, and is the basic setup I had with my X-Carve before I sold it.

Vid shows modifications to Mach3 but you can get the general idea.

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