1/4” compression bit

Hi everyone
I was hoping someone could give me some input on 1/4” compression bit.
I was try to do a cut out with it .75” thick maple
and it would not cut all the way through I thought maybe it was my spoil board so I resurfaced it and it did the same. I have all my setting right finished depth. So I tried another project different bit and it cut out perfectly.
Is a compression bit good for doing cut outs?

this may sound silly but is yur bit sticking out far enough and did yu set yoour depth deep enough?

Yes everything is set up perfect it’s so strange

Compression bits are designed for thru cuts…bottom surface gets pulled up and top surface down to minimize tear out and fuzzies on both faces.

For a compression bit, the sweet spot is to have the bit cut deeper than the stock so the bottom is in the middle of the uncut section, e.g., 1/4" of upcut at the tip is good at 1/8" below the stock…anything >1/16" up to 3/16" so the upcut shearing hits the bottom of your stock.


Wow thank you so much for explaining this so well , I will give that a try. I can’t find my up cut bit so though I try the compression bit .
Thanks again !!!

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