Depth per cut and compression bits

Being fairly new to this i’ve been conservative with my depth per pass at .1’’ (i’m cutting Basswood). I’ve been using a combination of 1/4’’ upcut and downcut endmills, and with chipout i want to get the best of both worlds and thought to try a compression bit. However with a compression bit in order to take advantage of it’s up and down cut qualities i would need to cut at .25’’ at a minimum.

My question is, do you think .25’’ per pass is okay for the Makita? Right now i’m my feed rate is 100 and plunge rate is 20 and like i said i’m cutting basswood 1 1/2 to 1 75 dee[ (also pine for test pieces). My alternative is to split my toolpaths into 2 and do a shallow downcut first followed by an upcut to get clean top and bottom, but thought the compression bit may be more efficient.


Basswood is mighty soft! As you know, splintering is the issue but I would not hesitate to give the compression bit a try. Generally touted as a plywood bit, I think many of us use it for other applications.

Not sure what bit you have but these have a 0.1 upcut on the tip. However its overall cut length is not going to get you the 1.75 inches you are after. I don’t remember seeing a 1/4" compression bit with this DOC but I have not looked for one. I do have a long reach upcut from Bits and Bits.

You may be stuck with tool changes.

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Thank you Alan. The bit i have is a Whiteside UD2102…I thought the upcut tip required that i go at least .25 per pass but i may be wrong, i’ll need to double check. That being said The Jenny .1 sounds like it would work well if it turns out the Whiteside would require a deeper cut. As for the length it’s not a concern…i failed to mention i’m cutting guitar bodies so even at 1 3/4 that’s total cut top and bottom…usually i will cut .75 from the top and .75 from the bottom so the 1’’ bit length is not an issue

I assume you are making electric guitars. Is the basswood body hard enough to suit you?

I have never made an electric but have made an acoustic. One of my goals is to machine a neck on the OF.

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Yes electric. I have many OEM guitars that are basswood so i figured i’d give milling one a try. I too hope to do necks some day but for now start simple with bodies. The whiteside bit has a 3/16 upshear. I’m new to the Onefinity and to date with this machine and Makita i’ve been doing .1 per pass. I suppsose i can give it a try but will need to go deeper per cut and hoping the equipment can handle it.

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I think you only need your first cut to be .25 inches. After that you can go less.

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Also, the Jenny bit that 1F sells has a shorter .100 upcut portion. That allows you to keep a standard .125" DOC throughout the operation without needing to set an initial deeper plunge.


Thanks. I’m going to return the Whiteside bit and get the Jenny. I feel more comfortable with more shallow passes more inline with the what i’m doing currently.

I run the Jenny bit and can confirm it’s great.

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