14 Watt Jtech Laser

Are there any ideas on how to install more memory in the onefinity.
It seems that you cannot burn the pictures in light burn the way you would like to because it can’t handle
large files. Any ideas?

I’m still waiting for my machine. Can you describe the size of the image you are trying to print? What are the physical dimensions and what are the source dimensions in pixels, presuming from your question you started from a jpg/tif/other raster format?


I have the 50 Journeyman the file is 8 by 10 315 pixel and I want the picture to be in grayscale but even dropping back to 112 pixels the machine will not work. Just starts jumping all over the place. have to keep the file size under 20 meg. to even get it to work. VCarve doesn’t give you the flexibility that Lightburn gives. So, I’m at a dead end here.