Be gentle, it's my first time

First laser project.


Looks great! Makes me want to put a laser on my wish list.

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Very nice Brian. The Laser burn looks amazing. Is that the one 1F J-tech 7watt laser option?

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Yes it is. Speed was 150 ipm at 70%

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Thats a great job for your 1st effort. I foresee many exceptional projects in your future.

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Looks great…What software did you use? I have the laser option but a few weeks away from trying it.

How long did it take for the laser portion?



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I designed in VCarve Pro, saved the svg and imported into Lightburn. Arranged it to fit better. The laser took about 4 hours. The flag measured 21x13.

Ok… Thanks… Is vcarve working fine for the onefinity… I am just installing my cnc and haven’t purchased yet.

Also… Did you try the vectric laser module? Why did you select the lightburn?

Appreciate the feedback. Don

I already had Lightburn from my other laser, so…
VCarve works fine with the laser on Onefinity, and I didi get the laser module. Just like Ligthburn.