2 questions, Button Layout, Camera view

Am I the only one that sometimes presses the diagonal button while trying to lower z and sometimes have to re-zero? Or pressing the 100 by accident instead of the Z, then hit the Z button plunging my bit into my work piece.

Is there a better way to view the camera? I currently plug in the ip and pull up the screen, but when hooked up to the OF in this manner there is big video lag when enlarging by tapping on video. Do I have to be on the same wifi to view? Or can I do it remotely?

I use a mouse so fat fingers don’t do that.

By all means, I’m rocking my Dad bod at 40 but fingers haven’t gained much weight. Usually happens when I am trying to see what the bit is doing (lining up) while I’m pressing the button to move it, not much space. Maybe a 10 inch screen will do the trick for this.