3D catch all tray

Good evening all,

I’m doing a catch all tray but I’d like to have a 3D carving in the bottom of it for the university mascot. Any tips or tricks on how to create this?

Thanks in advance!

Are you talking about a V-carve like used for lettering or are you talking about a real 3D carving where there’s a potential for a lot of texture, etc?

E.g. This: Vcarve

or this: 3D

What software are you using?

I’m using Carveco. Attached is the image I am hoping to put in the bottom of the tray.

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I’m going to assume that is Carveco Maker, or you are the first person I’ve met using the full Carveco at home.

Maker doesn’t allow you to create 3D objects. It can import and cut them but not create them. Maker+ and full Carveco do creation. That said I don’t think it is 3D work that you are trying to do.

I think you would either be looking to do this as a Vcarve or as an inlay or epoxy fill. You first need to start with converting this image to vectors. You can use the tracing feature for that. I’d recommend that you spend some time watching Caveco’s tutorials on YouTube.

You’ll likely want to drop the colour from this and carve only the black parts. You should also consider how the fine details will show in the tray. I think you’d be best off to remove a lot of them. Stick more with the outside shape, letters, nose, eye, teeth etc and dropout some that fur.

Once you have the vectors you’ll need to assign VCarve tool paths to them.

You have a lot of work ahead of you.

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