3d dinosaur pencil box

I used vcarve pro and the new laser module to carve this pencil box with a 3d top and laser carve the inside of the top. Then lasered a few erasers to make it a little more personalized.


Nice work! Well done. Don’t you just love that laser module in VCarve? Where did you find the dino file?

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Yes using the laser module in vcarve makes aligning your carving and lasering so easy.for the dinosaur picture I just searched dinosaur clip art in Google and found a pic I liked then used vcarve to trace it .it’s nice how easy vcarve is to make your own SVG.files

I love it, I have a granddaughter named Cora, I have been on the fence about getting the laser but you may have just pushed me over :grinning:

The laser opens up so many more options with your projects. I really have fun trying new things with it .these were my first hybrid


That is so cool!!! Nice work!!! :+1::+1::+1:

Great job Like the concept

This is really cool work! Can you tell me how long it took to carve the 3d aspect? I just uploaded my first g-code file from meshcam to easel and it said the carving time was right at 4 hours. The piece is about 3” square and the z axis is .69”. Any thoughts on this would be really appreciated.

I set the rough cut to 120 Inp at .125 depth per cut with a .25 endmill that took 30 minutes .the finishing cut was set at 180 ipm at .04 depth with a .125 ball nose which took roughly 3.5 hours .depending on your wood and the 3d model I find it best to take fast shallow passes but 3d carving always takes a lot of time .I have yet to do one that doesn’t take 4 hours . I’m still new to this my self but as I cut I watch the machine and a lot of times i will stop and increase my speeds but I usually
start slow . you will get a feel for things the more you cut .

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