3D finish Problem

I’ve used a lot of patterns purchased from the net and from the supplier that this pattern came from but I have never had the 3D finish cut layered like this. I laid it out three separate times thinking that I had goofed but every time I get a 3D finish cut that looks layered like the rough cut. Anyone run into this?
V-Carve Pro 11.010 is my design hardware
The molding profile also ended up flat rather than the .375 radius as designed

Onefinity CNC V 1.0.9 is my CNC

What bit are using and are you doing both roughing and finishing passes or just finishing?

Did you Zero your Z after switching bits? Looks like it just isn’t cutting deep enough. Rezero the Z and run it again. If you did zero there could have been an issue with the rough Z zero. Ultimately you’ll have to cut deeper. If it doesn’t after a re-zero, drop the z to -0.0625 (1/16) and set as zero, then run again.

before i start I set ‘Z’ using machinist gauges that are down to 100ths
I contacted Vetrix and they are on it. I sent the files and layout to them so they can look into why the 3d finish followed the rough cut, air cutting the exact same paths.
BTW - Vetrix is exceptionally responsive and helpful. Glad i use their V-Carve Pro

¼” flat end mill for rough

1/16” 3.8deg tapered ball nose for finish

“z’ is set by machinist gauges