3D model depth help

Making a bas relief that’s supposed to stand 1/4" proud of the background (3/4" stock). Software is V-Carve Pro.
I set the model depth (Z) to 0.24" and established a vector boundary around the image. I programmed a “Bowl Bit” (3/4") to hog out material (pocket toolpath) between that boundary and four “clamp spots” at the corners. (those will be trimmed away manually after it’s done).
Then I programmed a roughing pass with a 1/2" end mill. So far, so good.
For the 3D finishing pass, I selected a 1/4" Ball nose and a 1/16" Tapered Ball nose. On the Preview, the 1/4" Ball nose goes below 0.24" (as low as 0.51") which makes a mess of the perimeter. Looking at various previews I see that it’s that one bit. What am I doing wrong?

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Can you send the file for people to look at?

Here’s the file
Master physician.crv (9.9 MB)

This discussion on the Vetric Forum that may shed some light for you.


I don’t if you assembled the image your self but I looked at the shield and the edges are ragged.
Way too many nod points need to be cleaned up.

The other main point is it seems the very last tool is cutting too deep.
regards peter

I agree with you. It’s a purchased file. Since I don’t know how to make the file, I’m also unsure about how to clean up those ragged edges.

I studied the video that Phil (pwpacp) recommended and discovered that the software applied thicknesses to the file and set the position in the material. They were probably the reason for the worst of the appearance problems. So I made some adjustments, and got the image attached. It still has a small “halo” that I simply can’t get rid of by trying various depths for the model depth below the surface. I expected that by setting the Bowl Bit to a final depth equal to the model’s depth, the problem would be cured. But maybe the original file has that halo.

Watching my previews, I see the halo formed by the 1/4" Ball Nose, and minor tweaks when the Tapered Ball Nose does its work. That halo is about 1/8’ wide and 1/32" deep. Cleaning that up with hand tools should be easier than trying to make the CNC do it.

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Hand finishing is the way to go for this image much quicker.
The only thing I managed to do is reduce the nod count on the boundary vector which will only help your processing time.
Regards Peter

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This won’t clean up the vectors, but it will stop the 3D carve from ruining the outer perimeter the bowl bit carved. Hope that helps!

Master physician v2.crv (7.2 MB)

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