80 MM Help.....Well Maybe

So, I’ve Upgraded to an 80mm spindle 2.2kw, and during one of the first carves, it lost Y position during carve. Now, to note the carve was Halloween faces 5 inches in X, 24 inches in Y. I tried two carves with similar settings, the first lost Y by about 5 inches, and the second lost Y by about an inch.
Got to thinking, that I left the motor settings the same as when I was using the Makita, which is to say max jerk, full acceleration, etc., and since it lost Y and that was the longest dimension for this carve, could it be the fault of the settings and the additional weight of the spindle? Could it be that it is accelerating so fast in Y that the stall homing amperage is being “invoked” within the software, or is the software smart enough to know I hadn’t asked to home?

Does the resistance to change in direction so strong that the torque involved causes the motors to “skip” a step count? I can certainly experiment with changing these motor values, but would like to hear if any of the folks testing the 80mm mount had a similar situation or would recommend settings.

Yes I’ve seen people ramping their max jerk way up. I run the 2.2KW spindle also and I have found micro steps at 32 on X/Y, max jerk at 3000, max velocity at 7 and junction-accel at 175000 is nice.