New Machine, Y Axis out of Sync. Any help is appreciated

Hi There.

Just recently put together my Elite Journeyman and did my first V carve. Notice that the right Y axis is not moving in sync as the left Y axis. So the carve itself turned out more “Itallic” then standard font, and does not look that great
Machine is brand new, ball screws are cleaned so nothing I can think of that could limit the movement on one side.

I read to check that the cables could be at fault…but without a multimeter. I kinda lost.

Machine cost a fair bit to get to Australia…hope it doesnt turn out to be a huge paper weight. :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated.

Have you removed the cover for the right Y-axis motor to verify that the connector is in place?

A couple of my motors had loose connections that needed to be re-seated, after assembling the machine. I couldn’t get the right side of the Y-axis to home. Turned out the connection was loose and the left side motor was the only one moving the axis.

You could also swap cables between motors an see if the fault follows the cable or stays with the motor