A couple of projects

I’m late to post these but they were Christmas gifts. One is a plaque that was a replica of my brother-in-laws baseball trading card from college. The other was a small tray with a self-watering planter (3D printed) that was a gift to a co-worker. Both were first-attempts but I (and the recipients) were happy with the results. The wood is black walnut with mineral oil.


Bob - nice projects, especially on the baseball card-turned-tray. I’m impressed you can even see the stitching on the baseball.

What steps were involved in going from the actual baseball card to the finished product?


Thanks, @YXYJack ! I am still learning (and probably will be from now on!) I was given a baseball card. I scanned it and worked on it in Photoshop (masking, cropping, converting, etc.) to a greyscale image. I removed the background as it didn’t really add anything to the plaque. I imported it into Aspire and configured the carve. The finished plaque is around 5x7-inches. Lessons-learned: spend a bit more time with the image in Photoshop, building out the depth map. There are parts of the image I should have reversed so they stood out in the final carve. Like I said, I am learning.

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