Micro machining a DIY 2 ply acrylic business card with a Onefinity X50 Woodworker CNC router

I wanted a business card that matched the YT and Instagram logo I designed.

I could not find any ready made 2 ply rotary engraving plastics that came in the grey and orange colours I wanted - so I made my own with the help of supplies purchased from Canadian Engravers Supply Co. Ltd.

It was my first time using a small 1/32" endmill - SpeTool 2 flute (M03007) - and after several attempts I was able to machine a prototype I was happy with.

The video covers 1)the materials I used, and the process followed, to make my custom 2 ply engraving stock, 2) CAD/CAM strategies that led to good results, 3) using my custom vacuum system workholding, and 4) video clips of the 2D adaptive, 2D contour, and boring toolpaths.

Here is the YT video link for those interested … https://youtu.be/-GbqMrJQkq8

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Good work approaching a difficult to machine project, but wow, that’s a lot of work for a business card! I’d be 3d printing such a thing out of TPU.

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I absolutely agree, or laser engraving, but for me it was more about learning a few new skills on new material with a very small endmill I had no experience using! :grin:

I also have a hard time letting go of a project idea once it is in my head - a curse and a blessing. I really wanted to match the orange/grey of my logo (a type ‘A’ problem I know). Otherwise I may have gone the route of engraving an orange anodized card, but again, I have already had success with my diamond engraver on aluminum so wanted a new learning opportunity.

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