Anyone Ever Cut Rubber?

Has anyone cut carving rubber on there Onefinity? Obviously the Onefinity can cut it just wondering about feeds and speeds, do’s and don’t, lessons learned?

Going to make a stamp. (Hopefully…)

I did some research a while ago because I had the same idea. Most everything I found said milling rubber was terribly difficult.

As you can probably guess that is where I gave up. Following along with you to maybe learn something!

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Best way to make stamps with a CNC is to cut them out of Corian (if you Goggle it you’ll find a ton of info). While they are not rubber stamps they work exceptionally well.

Good Luck,

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I was watching this video recently where they laser the rubber:

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Hey John,

instead of carving rubber usually you carve a negative out of metal or wood and then you pour the mold with a two-component liquid silicone (casting in liquid silicone rubber)


Dang… Guess I shouldn’t have bought those stamp blanks before asking the question. :grimacing:

Well i will give it shot and see how it goes.

I’ve wanted to make a stamp for branding my shipping boxes and figured I’d give it a shot tonight after seeing this thread in the forum. Didn’t turn out so bad. Just need to get an ink pad now.

The EVA foam sheet is too soft. MDF is too brittle. A scrap of Linoleum plank flooring for the win!

Vectric VCarve Pro
Flat depth toolpath at 0.075"
Amana 46200-K 1/8" endmill for clearing pass
Amana 45771-K 30° engraving bit for v-carve pass
50imp at #2 on the Makita ~12,000rpm
25 minutes overall with the bit change and Z axis probe


Awesome, I saw your post on IG. Looks pretty good. Maybe I can get some linoleum sample from my local big box store

So I finally ended up cutting out the stamp. I did it with one of the free flooring samples from the big box store. Here is link to the build.

Build Montage:


Came out pretty nice!

I to was interested in making some stamps and with the holiday season fast approaching my wife asked for a Christmas decoration come out ok