First Attempt at V-Carve

This is my first attempt at v-carving. It measures 1” x 3”. I need to stamp this into leather but I’m out of time and will probably rush order a custom brass stamp online since I don’t have the knowledge or appropriate bits. I need something like my brass maker’s mark.

For future projects, I’d love input on which bits I should add to my collection to engrave this sort of stuff in brass or aluminum. I’m thinking the Amana 46280-K and / or 46282-K?

Also - I set this cut up with Advanced V-Carve in Carbide Create using a 1/8” flat cut endmill and a Amana 30 degree v-bit, but it never prompted me for a bit change when the v-but was done. Did I miss a step?


I placed an order for a brass stamp, but would still love suggestions on bits & such that would help me make my own custom brass stamps for use with my leather business. I assume the Onefinity is fully capable of machining stuff like this?

The preview doesn’t show tapered walls, but that would be my intention - just wasn’t sure how to generate the CAM for that in Fusion.


That is pretty cool what you made here. Did you upload the model from CC to the company that made this? And who was it? Thanks

Thanks! The design was created from a font I found online. I’d love to machine these myself in the future, but haven’t gotten that far yet. I ended up sending the vector graphics file to and they machined it for me.

They did a good job with your design. Would like to know where you found the font… Thanks

I usually download fonts from Abstract Fonts dot com. There’s a Categories button at the top of the page where you can filter the style of font you’re looking for.

Here’s a few photos of the final product. I had the same company make a brass stamp for my maker’s mark, which I attached to a variable temp 200 watt heating iron.