Photo v carve success

Every pic I have done requires different settings and fiddling to get right… Pretty happy with these two.
I also have never got one to look good with a v bit. This was with a 1.5mm tapered ball nose.

Cherry with black onyx stain and shellac. Given the pups fir is read I figure it is pretty close :slight_smile:


Amazing, well done, im still waiting for my machine (May 2nd) but i think this software will be high up on the list once i get to grips with the basic operation of the machine

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Thanks. I wasn’t going to buy vcarve but decided I wanted to do a photo for my wife for her birthday. The shellac was drying as I brought them in to give to her because they were such a struggle to get right… I of course haven’t done any since December and forgot what I did to get the best results…

There is something special about the look of the photo when on wood - they look really great. I was looking up the Vectric software, and it looks like most have the photo carve feature which is great as I was eventually planning on investing in VCarve Pro.

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What software did you use for those amazing photo v carves?

Vcarve desktop. Bought it just for that functionality.

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Here I had photo VCarve and didn’t know it. Going to give it a try. Thanks for the post.