Recipe for Creating V-Carve Inlays in Fusion 360

I’m aware Carbide Create can do multiple tool paths. But are you saying you have successfully used Carbide Create to export g-code for their “Advanced VCarve” function (which creates one .nc file), and the Onefinity can interpret the pause in the file to prompt you for a tool change so you can switch from the pocketing tool to the v-bit?

Here’s a couple of posts where I show some of the stuff I was trying to accomplish. One is a brass stamp for my leather business - the stamp needs tapered sides for durability, and flat bottoms to minimize carving depth. I ended up sending the artwork out and having the stamp milled for me.

The other was a wooden address sign I made for my sister.

If you can describe how to (easily) do both with Carbide Create, I’m all ears!