Onefinity Riser Blocks

Riser Blocks are on sale!!! Check out the YouTube Video:

Product Listing: Riser Blocks - Etsy


Great idea Rowdy!!!

Thanks for including the 3DP file on Etsy as well. Keep up the great innovation!



This sure deserves a “bump” and another look…!

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Is this meant to be permanent or only when you need to work on a big piece.

@Gigglybert I was originally thinking as needed but this is @Bear original idea and he uses them for deep boxes.

Got mine in today. I got them thinking it’ll be good to use with my 65mm spindle since it’s a lot taller than the router and it’ll give me more room for material since the spindle can’t go up as high because of the stepper motor. Just put them on my onefinity and it looks good

@rblur01 Awesome!! I printed them to be stout! Out of curiosity what were thoughts as far quality? I know they are not metal but your thoughts would be appreciated!!

I think they are great especially for 3d printed parts. I think they should work fine for me. When I do some tougher carving I’ll have a better idea on the strength but again I think they will be fine for me. If nothing else later on I could use them as a template to make some out of metal if need be. But I like them for sure.


I would be interested in this if they were aluminum


I am not sure what infill percentage is being used, but perhaps a custom order is possible with higher infill. Personally I have found the fully solid parts I have printed for myself using PLA+ to be surprisingly strong, and given the way the blocks are used and fastened there may not be much advantage to using aluminum.

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probably not, but it is a mind over matter issue for me - durability, etc. I would rather pay for the long term vs. risking issues on the short term… I know, I am sounding like an old fart now…

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Truth be told that is my instinct as well in almost all of my purchases. Perhaps you will machine your own at some point from aluminum block.

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Is there anyway we can get a dimensional print to machine from aluminum?

You would need to ask the owner of the design.

@Vancouvercraig here is a link to the stl file. You can import it into your cnc software


You can purchase the STL from the store, import into Fusion and do the CAM work from there. Or convert to a solid and edit as required.


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Well, look what arrived on Friday!
Riser Blocks and a Controller Holster!

Nice work Peter… Thanks!


Out with the old (wood blocks)… and in with the new Riser Blocks…

Time to clear out a 3" x 12" solid chunk of Maple…
Should be fun!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you see a difference in stability compared to the wood blocks?


I made the wood blocks because there was nothing else out there to do what I was doing… and I never had an issue with stability or flex. After talking to Peter to see if he could make them, he was nice enough to oblige (Peter, you rock!).

He made a great product that is very easy to install, and the fit and finish it perfect for me!

I get the “usual” comments about making these out of metal, BUT… in practice… I personally believe this is completely unfounded and hyperbole. (No offense to those who live in a theoretical realm).

In practice, these riser blocks work without any discernible side effects at all!

If you need the extra height to do whatever it is you do with the Onefinity… give Peter a look, and I’m sure he will hook you up with a great product!