A little protection for the Y-axis gantry mounts

I’ve had a few instances of items getting stuck between the y-axis gantry mounts and the mounting blocks on the table. This usually results in an “Oh $**t” moment, lost steps, and a ruined project. Now granted, I should keep unnecessary items off my table but bad habits are bad habits.

I decided to install some preventative measures today. I had some leftover 3/4" aluminum angle from my drag chain install (didn’t end up using it on the y-axis) so I decided to put it to good use today. I mounted a 3ft length of angle on between the y-axis mounting blocks and the spoilboard. This should help keep items from getting wedged between the gantry sliders and the table or mounts.


Hey Josh,

my thought regarding this important possible issue was, while you’re at it, why not make it a little higher. And since Tom got the machine before I got mine, this already exists, it is nice, isn’t it?

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I went simpler; a strip of timber. Looks clunky vs the ones above.

Whatever you use I found that easy disassembly is necessary for cleaning purposes; else it won’t get cleaned of the inevitable detritus that will accumulate.


Nice, the extra height looks like it might help with dust too. I’ll roll with this for a while and maybe change again in the future.

I just ordered a Black Friday 3D printer deal this morning so that opens another new door for me! More making, less buying.