Left side Y gantry won't go all the way forward

I just got my Elite Foreman in and started assembling it. I get to the step where you have to pull the Y gantrys all the way forward and then put the X rails on top and make them flush. However, the left Y gantry won’t go all the way forward because a couple of bolts prevent them. The right side goes farther forward. Because of this, they aren’t aligned and I can’t make the X rail ends flush. I suspect I will run into the same problem in the back as there is mounting hardware that protrudes further on the left rail as well.

Is it supposed to be like this or were the wrong bolts used when this was assembled at the factory or am I doing something wrong?

It will only let me put one image in a post since I’m new so here is the right side for reference. Much smaller gap.

I do not own the elite however I believe that bolt will later have the mount for the controller added to the front which will correct the issue with the bolt sticking too far though and contacting the Y gantry block.

Hey Zero2Sixty,

the bolts stick out because you don’t use the monitor mount.

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It would be nice if 1F would updated the assembly documentation to move the section of “screen mount” before the Z axis installation. Then the bolts would not interfere.

I had same issue but figured it out.

@OnefinityCNC - could you please clean up the Elite assembly guides and videos? :slight_smile: I suggest you try and have your staff follow the instructions on a “ready to go” machine. There are quite a few things “not quite as documentation”